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About Pilates

The Guru: Joseph Pilates first developed this system of stretching and strengthening exercises in the 1920’s.

The style:The Pilates system will overall reform and bring balance back to the body! This class will draw from the Matwork principles of: breathing, concentration, core control, fluidity, precision, imagination, creativity, intuition, and integration. Proper alignment and breath will be emphasized as you flow through each exercise. Pilates will improve your flexibility, can prevent/rehabilitate injuries, and will strengthen and tone your entire body especially your “powerhouse”(abdominals, buttocks, lower back, and hips).
Pilates will retrain your muscular system to move in the most safe, effective, and efficient way. Pilates mat is a set sequence of creative and challenging excercises open to all levels of Pilates experience and all levels of physical fitness.

Pilates and Yoga:Pilates is a wonderful complement to your yoga practice and as you will experience many of the pilates excercises have been created out of Yoga postures.

The Benefits:
Body/Mind Integration
Injury rehabilitation and prevention
Improvement of Posture and Balance
Build long, lean muscles and flexible joints
Develops a strong core
Creates a Balanced Body retraining and reconditioning for proper muscular alignment
Improves kinesthetic awareness/Proprioception
Relieves tension and Promotes relaxation