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Jessica's Yoga Workshop and Special Classes Schedule 2014(last updated 3/29/2014):

Saturday 4/12/2014 Jivamukti Inversions workshop @ Yoga Now $30 prepay/$35 at the door 1-3:30 pm
Want to learn how to do or how to perfect your handstand, forearmstand, or headstand? Then this is the workshop for you! Yoga like art, holds up a mirror of our lives. When creating a painting or drawing we can get stuck or blocked so we flip the canvas upside down to shift our perspective. That simple act of flipping upside down gets us unstuck, and then we get an idea and know exactly what we're supposed to do next. The yoga practice of inverting is the same, a shift in perception to help us get unstuck! This jivamukti workshop will include a rigorous vinyawsa flow, chanting, meditation, music, pranayama, and many inversions!

check back soon for more 2014 Spring workshop offerings at Yoga Now

If you are interested in booking Jessica for a Yoga workshop at your Yoga Center or Workplace please email
Info For Workshops: * Please bring your yoga mat if you have one. If you do not have a yoga mat there will be community yoga mats available.
*Please let your instructor know before class is you are pregnant, have never practiced yoga, or if you have any injuries.

Current Workshop offering formats with Jessica:
Intro to Yoga
Intro to Ashtanga
Ashtanga Yoga fundamentals
Modifications for the Primary Series
Pranayama and Meditation
Intro to Jivamukti Yoga
Jivamukti Yoga level 1
Jivamukti Yoga level 2
Jivamukti Yoga and Satsang various topics
Yoga and Creativity

More about Jivalution workshops: *taught be certified Jivamukti instructor *these Jivamukti workshops are all vinyasa style asana classes with music, chanting, meditation, and pranayama *Practioners must have physical ability to practice at least 5 full sun salutations in a row to attend the workshop * The evening workshops will be candlelit. * the Saturday classes will be a bit longer and go a bit deeper into the monthly topic. *Each month the workshop will have a new topic to be covered in depth during the class.